Rod’s first rambling – learning about blogging

BLOG_Keyboard-300x200Do you ever wonder if your latest bright idea was worth it? I decided it was time I established a personal brand and at the same time build this blog that will focus on business concepts and themes that I am passionate about.

Who is this Rod Anyway?

I am Rod Webster from Brisbane, Australia. I created this blog to share business related topics. By way of an introduction, I thought I would share some of my initial experiences learning about blogging as I got this site off the ground.

Lets get it on the Cloud

I am no stranger to cloud based infrastructure so grabbing a domain name and getting it up on my existing Virtual Private Server (VPS) at Rackspace was pretty easy really. I must confess, I did cheat and asked Arun, my Elance Linux Server Expert to tweak Apache for multiple domains and install WordPress for me. It only took him an hour. Once I found out Rackspace was now hosting locally here in Australia, I had moved my sites to them from another service provider. So far, it has been a great partnership. Rackspace looking after the hardware platform, Arun looking after the software and me coming up with the ideas, handling the change management and paying the bills!

Now we need a Theme

The next step was to find an appropriate WordPress theme, and sort out the basics in the back end, hook the site up to Google Analytics , my Google+ profile, and of course Linkedin and Twitter. I had never used WordPress rel=”nofollow”before so I wanted to use a fairly simple theme to manage but wanted it to support WordPress’s responsive theme features so the site would display nicely on mobile devices. this time round, I decided to keep costs down and not develop a custom web site theme so I headed over to Themeforest and purchased a reasonably priced theme that met my criteria for simplicity and mobile device support.

Learning about blogging

So then the fun began. I wanted to authenticate users using social media and settled on another snippet from Themeforest. This clashed with my theme so I headed off to Elance again to find a WordPress expert who understood the problem. Now I have Ahmed from enFusionWeb on board as my go to WordPress expert. I also stumbled on this great post by Susan Walsh which described in detail how to get Google to attribute you as the author on the internet. Before long, I was visiting Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool and delving into some snippets of php code to make sure everything was ready for this, my initial post! However, before I could write this, I had to sort out the SEO side of the site and Joost de Volk is by far and away the WordPress king of SEO so I grabbed his WordPress SEO plugin and was absolutely blown away by how it works in the back end to get your content exposure I am not sure if I will thank him though, because I am sure the is going to make a lot more work for me on each and every post I write by making me focus on relevance.

What’s Next?

OK, now with the preliminaries out of the way, the next post will be a bit more on topic, I promise.
Don’t hesitate to Contact Rod Webster if you would like to explore how he can help you with business projects or developing your own blog.


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