Get on the front page of Google without paying a cent

Get on the front page of Google before you pay anything

Every small business want to be on the front page of Google but few actually get there. Many pay a lot of money to so called experts and get little or nothing in return. Heck, I’ve even heard of cases where the “expert” has taken the money and done nothing at all!

There are several things that are a given that will define what a highly ranked web site must have. First, Cisco states that 68% of Internet growth is due to Video. Youtube is the largest video site on the Internet and it is owned by Google. So that says you need to have some business videos hosted on line. You also need to make sure you have a Google My Business listing is created for your business. Finally, because over 50% of Internet traffic originates from mobile devices, it is critical that your web presence is mobile friendly. So by combining all of these things with careful key word research, you can create a highly ranked site on Google.

That’s why we’ve developed a cutting edge Google SEO strategy and backed it by the best guarantee imaginable. We won’t charge you a cent until the work is done and you are on the front page of Google.

Here’s what you get if you ask us to do it for you:

  • Professional branded YouTube channel setup with your business brand, links, call to action
  • One animated video, royalty free music track and professional voice over (US, UK, AU or NZ Voice)
  • Google My Business (Google Plus Local Listing)
  • Complete service of creating and optimizing the listing to position 1-3 in the magic 7 of Google Local organic search and Google+ Local
  • Local Business WordPress Website (for mobile tablet and desktop), Business specific 5 page website with contact form and local business details
  • Optimized description, title, and tags of the video to rank for multiple keywords on Google’s first page (including a diversified linking profile that works)
  • Keyword research and written content creation
  • Full onsite optimization to main and related search terms
  • Offsite SEO campaign to Google Page One for main search terms

You don’t pay anything until AFTER the video, Google My Business Profile or website stated above ranks in position 1-3 of Google Organic search followed by a nominal monthly fee to maintain your Page 1 ranking. Depending on the particular business, this typically takes 6-8 weeks to achieve.

Getting to the front page of Google is worthless unless you leverage the competitive advantage that this will give you in your market place. Therefore, this program is best taken in conjunction with one of our marketing subscriptions. This will allow you to develop powerful and compelling messaging together with an irresistible offer that takes your prospects one step further along their buyer’s journey. Ultimately they will conclude that they would have to be an absolute idiot to do business with anybody other than you regardless of price.

We hide nothing about our SEO methods and business subscribers have access to a complete 26 part video tutorial series on how to do this yourself. It might take a bit longer to get there but you can do it yourself. Most of our clients prefer to let our experts do this for them so they get further faster and generate a return quicker than if they did it themselves.

To find out more about how to get to the front page of Google before you pay a cent to anybody, Contact us to discuss your particular situation.