Why did the MD of a $3.0M business watch this video twice and then sign a 12 month contract with us?

Simple. He learnt that everything he knew about generating leads is wrong.

There must be a powerful and compelling message buried in this video to make a really busy business owner invest 2.5 hours of his time listening to a recording of a live webinar. If he was billing his time by the hour, that was well over $1,000 he invested with me and we didn’t even know each other.

What was it I said that resonated with him that compelled him to meet with me at the first available opportunity even though he lived interstate?

I asked him that exact same question when we first met face to face. He said it made him think in different ways. He realised that while he had a fantastic business, aside from his staff and his existing customers, nobody knew it. Certainly none of his prospects did. He became excited to the opportunities I alerted him to and realised that there was a better way to attract and retain new customers.

He’d worked with business coaches before and had built up a fantastic business operating in three states over the last 20 years. He was recognised as a leader in his industry and he knows how to run a business better than most. But he needed to get to the next level, to be a national player and to venture into overseas markets to provide the support his customers really needed.

To do that, he needed to attract more leads and build systematic processes that would convert these leads into customers. He didn’t need to be taught how to run his business. He just needed another $500k in sales a year to allow him to achieve his well thought out goals. He realised in this connected world, we could work together remotely so he asked me to help him. I showed him his business was invisible on Google and who was winning all of the profitable business in his market right now.

I promised to get his business onto Google’s first page in place of his competitors. I showed him how to do it himself as I do with all my clients. He was a busy man so he asked me to do it for him. I promised I’d get him there before he spent a sent with me on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) because I like to prove to my customers I’m the real deal before they part with their money.

Together, we are determined to make 2015 his best year ever and we are both convinced we will achieve that.

If you are looking for ways to grow your business, to attract more prospects and convert more of them into profitable customers I urge you to watch the video above. You’ll discover the secrets to marketing your business in such a way that you will attract new customers at will, become the dominant force in your market… and have your prospects saying to themselves that they would be an absolute idiot to buy from anyone else but you.

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