Startup Consulting

Few people know the secrets of turning dreams into reality when opening a small business. We have extensive real world experience establishing startup companies. Profit from our experience and the mistakes we’ve made ourselves when investing our own hard earnt cash. Learn the fundamentals of establishing a small business that none of the colleges and universities teach. Click on the link below to access our startup consulting site that is jam packed with information and free resources.

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Lead Generation Programs

Getting enough leads through the door is a continual challenge for any business. We have proven, simple and easy to implement systems that teach you how simple it is to generate as many leads as you can possibly handle simply by focussing on five areas in your business which we back up with dozens of proven strategies to generate leads for your business.

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Get on the front page of Google without paying a cent

A complete DIY SEO program to get your business on the front page of Google without paying a cent. 26 lessons totally updated in November 2014 which will allow you to dominate your local market place by getting found. Or ask us to do it for you and you won’t pay a cent before we get you there. Too many people don’t stand by their methods. Let us prove to you that we know what we are doing at no risk to you.

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