Another one bites the dust.

Stopping Small Business failure

Another small Business bites the dust. Stop Small Business failure
It does not seem real when you read the statistics on small business failures. You know; ones like 44 Australian small businesses close their doors every day. But the point is really driven home when a small business owner you know gives up, closes the doors for good and announces it to the world on Facebook. Another perfectly good business consigned to the scrapheap because the owner did not know that everything he’d ever learnt about marketing and advertising was wrong! No wonder I get angry!

I’m annoyed and frustrated that I was not there to help but I can only do so much. By the time I knew about his problem, it was too late, the doors were closed forever. It made me angry nobody was there to help, to show him how to navigate his way through all of the so called get rich quick schemes and marketing ideas that were doomed to fail from the very beginning.

Had I have been there earlier, I would have been able to show him how to weed out the worthless platitudes from his marketing material with the “Well, I would hope so” test and how to show how great the inside reality of his business truly was. This would have made sure his prospects and potential customers did not form the outside perception that his business business was just like all the rest. As a result, he was doomed to compete on price as it was the only differentiating factor that prospects had to benchmark competitors in his market. No wonder he failed; the outcome was inevitable.

That’s Why Small Business Failures make me Angry

I could have showed him how to create an awesome elevator pitch that would take his prospects breath away and clamour to become his customers. I could have set him up with telephone scripts that made his clients crave for his solutions. But I didn’t and it was too late..

Maybe I could have even helped by reviewing his website and tweaking it so it became a lead generating machine that sent him willing and well educated prospects to his door every day. Perhaps I could have replicated the 22% to 31% conversion statistics that I achieve for my clients every day simply by following my simple 4 part conversion equation that rockets my clients to marketing stardom. Perhaps he could have discovered the secret to being found on Google through the best small business marketing system on the planet that my clients have access to. Or I could have done it for him fast and furious so he got money coming in the door quick so he could turn things round. I could have shared the success my other clients are enjoying with conversion rates are 7x to 10x industry averages and show how to develop a marketing strategy could add $50-$100k to their bottom line each year without even trying.

I could even have helped him implement a simple and easy to follow done for you time management system that would keep him razor focussed on his highest income earning tasks every day of the year.

In short, I could have shown him how to become a multi million dollar business in a couple of years just by following my simple easy to understand e-learning system that is without doubt the best business training system in the world.

But alas, it was not to be. It was simply too late for this business. It has made me more and more resolved to make a difference for as many small business owners as I can. I  want them to be able to benefit by the mistakes I’ve made, by the capital I’ve put on the line (and won and lost) in this crazy game of chess called small business.

Heck, I just can’t help myself, I know every small business owner has a problem that keeps them awake at night. Most of the time, it’s marketing but sometimes I meet somebody who simply hasn’t got the systems in place to handle much in the way of growth. That’s where my decades of real world business experience sets me apart from the other coaches and consultants. I know what works and what doesn’t. I know how to build world class business systems on a shoestring budget as I’ve done it myself in my own multi award winning small business. But business today is more complex than it’s ever been. That means I often collaborate with other experts around the globe to get the results my clients are after. An amazing lifestyle without working 100+ hours a week.

That’s why I’ve spent hours today helping two of my clients to build systems in the back end that will set them up for the future, to allow one to get to the next level though more sophisticated marketing systems and to save the other from almost certain bankruptcy by creating a robust financial management system when the accountant he put his trust in hasn’t. He’s been groping in the dark without financial information to manage his business with. We’ve almost solved that problem together so now we can start the fun stuff, building a profitable business that makes money and gives him the lifestyle he dreamed of. This time, we started collaborating just in time and I’m determined I won’t let him down, whatever it takes.

So if you know a struggling small business owner who needs help, ask them to check out my credibility at If they feel like we could work together perhaps they may like to connect with me and spare a few minutes exploring solutions to their problem. If it’s not something for me to tackle, I’m bound to know somebody who can. I make it my business to collaborate with the right people to get the job done, regardless of where in the world they are.


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