Small Business Failures Have To Stop. I’m Doing Something About It.


Nobody ever tells you about this when running your own business. 91% of the businesses in Australia are small businesses just like you. 44 close their doors forever every day. 75% of startups will fail within four years. People simply don’t understand the basic fundamentals critical to business success. There is nobody they can turn to for help.

Small business failures have to stop. I know how you feel. You’re frustrated with marketing that costs a fortune but generates few leads. You may have a website that fails to make your business money… and you find that no matter how hard you work or how many hours you put in every day… it just doesn’t seem to make any difference to your bottom line.

This simply can’t continue. I’m determined to do something about it. It shouldn’t be like this.

I’m running a free webinar later this month that will show you that EVERYTHING you’ve heard, EVERYTHING you know and EVERYTHING you’ve learnt about marketing your business is WRONG!


You’ll discover the secrets to marketing your business in such a way that you will attract new customers at will, become the dominant force in your market… and have your prospects saying to themselves that they would be an absolute idiot to buy from anyone else but you. The information is powerful, compelling, straight-forward and completely free of any annoying “sales-pitches” you often hear in these types of presentations.

I use proven and tested processes that has helped thousands of business owners around the world become successful and I’m determined help as many small business owners as I can to create a lifestyle they deserve.

I’ve secured a limited number of $5,000 educational grants for participants that can be used to apply world-class marketing support solely focussing on helping them to successfully build their business. I would love to be able to offer these grants to every participant, but I can’t so make sure you register early to avoid disappointment.

In this webinar I’ll show you:

  • How to massively leverage your marketing without wasting more time or more money.
  • The difference between tactical and strategic marketing and how to FINALLY quit competing on price.
  • Why your outside perception is so much more important than your inside reality.
  • How use the conversion equation to create an outrageous, unfair advantage that allows you to DOMINATE your market and increase advertising response rates by 2X, 4X, 10x or more WITHOUT spending anything on marketing or advertising.


Grab my FREE Conversion Evaluator checklist that can be used to test any of your current marketing collateral and predict its lead generation success just for registering.

The information in this presentation is powerful, compelling, straight-forward and completely free of any annoying “sales-pitches” you often hear in these types of presentations. In other words, this presentation is content-rich, so be prepared to take lots of notes. This presentation can prove to be your ticket to putting all of your financial concerns behind you, and help you quickly increase your bottom-line revenue.

Listen, I’m dead serious when I say that you have NEVER seen anything like this before in your life.


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